Vulnerability in Vietnam

Map of places Vietnam traffickers take their victims.

Map of places Vietnam traffickers take their victims.

While men, women, and children are all victims of human trafficking, but due to the natural and unequal gender relations and social and economic power that unfortunately exists in the world, women and and girls are considered to be more vulnerable. Why? Why is it that women are more vulnerable? I thought women earned their rights in the early 20th century. Am I wrong? Why is it that some of us are still stuck in that past, where we believe that women shouldn’t be paid the same as men nor should they hold higher positions in their careers? According to research, traffickers usually target women because they are unfairly affected by poverty and discrimination, factors that get in the way of moving up in their career, or education, or general resources. The Vietnamese government estimated that about 10 percent of women who were lured into marriages with Chinese men have become trafficking victims. Nearly three-quarters of victims in Vietnam are women. But the worse part is that the traffickers are more likely than not relatives or acquaintances of these victims. Is there no sense of guilt or remorse when this is done? Women and girls are being sent to contingent countries forced into artificial love or sold for sex. They are being held against their own will with no means to escape. Hope for opportunity and success is all a lie and being thrown down the drain. Promises are broken and lies are the foundation of their lives. A similar story can be seen from Linh. Taken to Hekou in China by an aunt under the false pretenses of shopping trip, she was left with two Chinese ladies who were planning on selling her as a wife. At 25, she was forced into a marriage with a 30 year old. From there she had to produce a baby that was a male. At this time in China, the One Child Policy was still in effect and preferred males rather than females. As a result, women and girls had to be trafficked into China in order to produce the growing male population. Many people are forced into things they never want to do. Women and girls have the worse end of this spectrum. To live with this trauma after surviving such an event is very difficult. Trust issues develop and recovery is unpredictable.


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