Life Without Lincoln


The I’m With Lincoln campaign was developed at barrettSF by creative director Jamie Barrett and art director Brian Cheung.

The photo provided by the “I’m With Lincoln Campaign” is a collision of modern day and the 19th century. The shadow on the wall is apparent to be Abraham Lincoln, an essential advocate against human trafficking. Lincoln is looking down on to this teenager/pre-adult in disapproval. You can see the condition this girl is living in; fold-up bed, flimsy mattress, trashy decorations and furniture. It’s not difficult to see this isn’t HER room. It’s not personalized like a room would normally look. She’s most likely staying with her “pimp.” Modern slavery comes in many forms and this is one of them. Even though it’s better than living on the streets, she is enslaved and has to sell her body for sex. No one ever said in order to survive you had to wear leather stiletto boots, but no one has ever walked a mile in her shoes.


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